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Diamond Grinding Wheel

The latest diamond cup wheel introduced to the Högert Technik brand is designed for grinding concrete surfaces using angle grinder. It can be used in the construction industry and finishing works.


The HT6D992 diamond wheel of 125 mm diameter with 22,2 mm clamping hole is designed for use with angle grinders. Special TURBO design allows operation at maximum speeds of 12250 min⁻1 and is characterized by reduced energy consumption. It has a segment with 5.0 mm thickness. This allows you to use the product for a longer time without having to replace it with a new one. In addition, it is worth paying attention to the reinforced body, which reduces the vibrations of the disc and ensures optimal rotation. Ideal for removing unevenness as well as forming and grinding large surfaces of concrete and exposed concrete, aerated concrete, brick, clinker or paving stones.

The HT6D992 diamond wheel is available at Högert Technik distributors since September this year. The list of distributors is available at www.hoegert.com/en/where-to-buy/list-of-resellers.


Pneumatic wrenches

The Högert Technik workshop tool category has been increased by two new pneumatic impact wrenches HT4R621 and HT4R625. They are designed to perform even the most demanding tasks. They are used especially in mechanical workshops, as well as in industry.

HT4R621 1The HT4R621 model with a 1/2 "drive and JUMBO mechanism achieves a maximum torque of 1000 Nm. The maximum working torque in both directions is 610 Nm. The air consumption is 142.5 l / min. The key turns without load at 8500 RPM. The device with a low weight of 1.45 kg is ergonomic and handy. The larger model HT4R625 has a 3/4" mount with the most popular TWIN HAMMER mechanism. The maximum working torque is 1800 Nm, while the maximum torque is 2400 Nm. The air consumption In this pneumatic wrench is 583 l / min and the speed is 4600 RPM. The device has a higher weight of 7 kg due to its design.

Both HT4R621 and HT4R625 models are equipped with a rotation switch in both directions (left / right) and have 3 operating ranges. The air connection is made with a 1/4” nipple. The parameters of both pneumatic impact wrenches ensure high efficiency of the performance. They are powered by air with a working pressure of 6.3 bar (90 PSI). Impact wrenches are durable and have a lower failure rate than electrical devices.

The HT4R621 and HT4R625 impact wrenches are available from Högert Technik distributors throughout the country from July this year. The list of distributors is available at www.hoegert.com.

HT4R625 1

Glue guns

The Högert Technik brand has introduced HT2C107 and HT2C101 hot glue guns to its offer while developing the product range. Used not only during repairs, but also at home DIY, they meet the needs of both professionals and in hobby works.

The new guns have a wide range of HT2C101applications and complement the existing brand range. They have a built-in ceramic heater and a metal nozzle for hot gluing. The HT2C107 model has cartridges with a diameter of 10.8-11.5 mm, while the HT2C101 model fits cartridges with a diameter of 7-7.5 mm. The rated power is 100 W and 20 W. respectively. The device with lower power (HT2C101) is intended for home users and is useful during the repair of everyday items and necessary when making decorations. The HT2C107 model with five times more power and is designed for professionals. It also has a built-in switch, which affects the convenience of its use. The offer is supplemented with adhesive inserts, available in the brand’s offer in 8 different variants.

Glue guns with refills are available at Högert Technik distributors throughout the country since July this year. The list of distributors is available at www.hoegert.com.HT2C107

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!




Demo-car Roadshow 2018

With the beginning of Spring our mobile showroom, Demo-car, has started a new tournée not only around the country but also abroad.

After few events in such cities in Poland as Koszalin, Sosnowiec, Bielsko Biała, Kraków and Zabrze, Demo-car with its’ workshops is visiting the Balkan countries in mid April. The following countries are on the Demo-car route:

  • Bulgaria
  • Macedonia
  • Serbia
  • Bosnia and Herzegovina
  • Croatia
  • Hungary

We are glad for so much interest in our range, also in other countries. We hope, that these visits will contribute to the broadening of knowledge about our products and even more interest in the Högert Technik assortment. We count on the development of cooperation with clients not only in the country, but also in more and more distant countries.

At the end of April we are coming back to continue Roadshow in Poland. A list of places where you can meet us is available on our website Roadshow 2018


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