Roadshow 2019

The Högert Technik demo-car is setting off for a tour around Poland. All users of hand tools and power tools are welcome.


1. You can consult our experienced experts without the need to register and without filling in unnecessary paperwork. We will be happy to answer any questions you may have. We are all at your disposal.
2. The demo-car is a state-of-the-art show vehicle, in which you can see and test our hand tools and power tool accessories free of charge.
3. The demo-car is an educational platform designated for product tests. In our demo-car, you can do as much cutting, drilling or shearing as you wish
4. If you are a car lover, there is no way you should miss our demo-car. It is a Mercedes Sprinter 319 CDI, which was delivered and customised (tuned) to meet our needs.

We always come prepared to the meetings. All of our meetings are equally important to us. To make sure that we can meet your expectations, our team keeps raising their qualifications and offers you top quality presentations at all times. We readily accept new demanding challenges that require innovative, non-standard solutions.


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